10 Hot Spring Decorating Ideas

Pastel Pop

Pastels are a Spring staple because of the light and airy feeling they give off. Swapping out dark, heavy-colored accent pillows and decor with “Robins Egg” and “Peach Sorbet” will instantly brighten the atmosphere of your home.

Flowers… Everywhere

Keep at least one vase of flowers in each of your home’s most frequently-used rooms. It will brighten the room and naturally remove any negative energy lingering around.

Fancy Easter Eggs

Display a bowl of ornamental easter eggs with unique designs that match your home’s interior. If you have artistic talent, you can decorate them yourself too!


Resembling the wetness of spring weather, terrariums are mini-ecosystems inside of a sealed glass container that uses self-sustaining plants, which water themselves through condensation and transpiration. They are quite interesting to observe over time, too!

Forever Florals

Preserved floral arrangements like this one from East Olivia are the perfect way to elevate your space, add a pop of color, and boost energy.

Colorful Candle Holders

Swap out your candle holders for a season with one that will brighten up a room even when a candle isn’t lit!

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can be used for storage, as planters, laundry baskets, and much more! They bring the earthy, rustic feeling of Spring indoors.

Birds and Bunnies

It’s during this time of the year we start to notice that nature and wildlife have woken up from winter. You can incorporate objects like fake bird nests and ceramic bunnies into your home decor to remind yourself that Spring has finally arrived!

Windowsill Flower Planters

Nothing screams “Spring” more than flowers. But windowsill planters add that extra touch of thoughtfulness that will make your home’s exterior memorable to any passerby.

Outdoor Lighting

Remember running around barefoot in the dewy grass chasing fireflies as a kid? Harness the power of nostalgia by hanging firefly lights in your backyard to bring yourself back to the good ‘ole days.

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