10 Hot – Trendy Home Decorations

1. Chandelier Centerpieces

Staring at the ceiling will never be a boring activity again. A chandelier that encapsulates your personality elevates the mood and makes a house feel more like a home.

2. Bluetooth Record Players

You get the best of both worlds with a Bluetooth record player – you can play your favorite vinyl records and songs from your music library!

3. Pin Flower Holder

Pin flower holders originated in Asia, where they are called Ikebana. Simply stick the stems into one of the ins to create a beautiful flower arrangement!

4. Bar Carts

Versatile and chic, bar carts bring style and functionality to a space. You can store ingredients for your go-to mixed drink, and display a collection of fine liqueurs and specialty glasses.

5. Wallpaper Makeovers

Now, we’re not talking about the wallpaper you find at grandma’s house – we’re talking about designer wallpaper. Mind The Gap Design & Supply’s versatile collection of beautifully unique and environmentally sustainable wallpapers is such a fun way to express your personality and instantly transform any space in your home.

6. Statement Furniture

Command the room in an accent chair that could be compared to a work of art. Having a personal connection to furniture makes a house feel like a home- or a chair feel like a throne. It is also a conversation starter if you enjoy entertaining guests and hosting parties.

Gallery walls use a variety of art – from the medium used to the type of frame – to cover a wall so that there is more art than wall space showing. The most fun part about putting an art wall together is leaning into its playful juxtaposition, meaning you don’t have to stick to just one style or size.

8. Mushroom Lamps

Shadeless lamps are one of this year’s hottest items. They are a perfect size and have just the right amount of light for nooks or office spaces.

9. Decorative Tissue Boxes

This is probably the simplest way to elevate your home because, let’s face it, some tissue box designs are complete eyesores.

10. Crystals & Geodes

Healing your spirit and mind is a trend that shouldn’t ever go out of style. Promote positive energy throughout your home and life with a crystal that suits your needs.

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