10 Hot Ways to Spoil your Pet

“I don’t spoil my pet. I just adequately compensate them for the user experience they provide.”

Here are 10 fun and safe ways to spoil your pet that won’t hurt their health or their behavior. They bring you so much joy, here’s how you can return the favor!

  1. Take your dog shopping

If your pup loves adventure – and toys – take them to the pet store and let them pick out a new toy. The stimulating sights, sounds, and smells engage your dog’s mind, and it gives them a chance to meet other dogs. Let them explore the toy aisle and pick out their new favorite, which will also save you from bringing one home they won’t engage with.

2. Update their swag

Is it time for a new collar? The options these days are vast, from collars embroidered with your pet’s name, to tags that slide along the collar (and don’t jingle) with a QR code imprinted on them, to those with LED lights to keep them safe during evening walks. 

3. Pamper them with a massage

If your pet is a cuddler, then try giving them a massage. It will relax them (and you!), and help with muscle soreness. Use soft, sweeping strokes along their entire body, but don’t venture into areas they don’t like to be touched. In addition to spoiling them, you’re also teaching them to be handled, which will make grooming and visits to the vet easier in the future. 

4. Visit a dog park

Let your dog off leash and let them make friends galore! It’s great physical and mental exercise. Keep an eye on your dog the entire time. Even if yours is friendly doesn’t mean everyone’s is.

5. Explore new places

A walk around the block is great for the day-to-day, but when you really want to spoil your pup, head for the woods or a dog-friendly beach for all those new smells! Be sure to bring a bowl, fresh water, and poop bags for cleanup. If your pet is a cat, consider venturing outside with them in a pet stroller (think of it as a cat carrier on wheels) or a cat harness if they’re up for that level of exploration.

6. Challenge them with interactive toys

Enrich your dog or cat with toys that encourage them to use their natural instincts. Puzzles where they have to work to get to their treats are available for cats and dogs. Hide goodies in a snuffle mat and let your dog get busy sniffing out their goodies – and the noises they make as they snuffle are sure to make you laugh. For cats, try a toy they can chase or climb. 

7. Make homemade treats

When you cook or bake special treats for your pets, you know what ingredients are in them. This makes it perfect for pets with special dietary needs. You can find recipes online, but be sure to consult a respected source to ensure the ingredients are safe for your kind of pet!

8. Keep in touch

There are times and places when we just can be with our pets. But technology has made it possible to stay in touch. Some pet cameras have two-way audio communication so you can talk to them throughout the day. Go a step further and get a gadget that allows you to remotely interact with your cat with lasers, or to throw a tennis ball to your fun-loving furry friend.

9. Teach them a new trick

Even if you have an old dog, you can still teach them a new trick! Mental stimulation of learning a new trick will help keep their mind young and active, and the learning process means they get to spend quality time with their favorite person!

10. Provide a restful bed.

At the end of the day, give your pet a place they feel comfortable and secure to sleep the night away. The options are endless – from orthopedic pet beds for aging dogs, to beds with attached blankets they can burrow under, to elaborate sofas that will look great in any home decor. Cats may enjoy a cat condo or a cat cave they can hide in (or climb on top of). 

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