5 Things to Do With Your Spouse

Plant a garden

Give your home some love by planting a garden and watching it grow together. Maintaining a garden requires teamwork and patience, and the learning experience can translate into a stronger relationships.

Take a hike

Explore nature and take in the season’s beauty by planning a day trip to a hiking trail. Whether it’s a beginners or an expert trail, you and your partner will feel accomplished completing something together. You can even pack a lunch to enjoy at the apex of your hike.

Visit a local farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets are a fun place to explore booths, sample foods, and support business owners. Before going, agree on a meal you both want to try, write down the ingredients, and see how much of that list you can find at a local farmer’s market.

Go camping

Spend a night or two in the great outdoors and reconnect with nature– and each other. In this fast-paced world with work responsibilities and glaring technology, it’s humbling to experience nature in it’s purest form.

Go to a baseball game

Cheer on your favorite team, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy some classic ballpark snacks, like popcorn and hotdogs. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get on the kiss cam!

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