6 Things Party Guests Notice About Your Home

The Landscaping

This one is interpretive based on the state of the yard. We’re not telling you to re-sod your grass or have an oak imported just for the occasion. Sweeping the leaves and acorns out of your driveway will suffice.

The Entryway

The porch and foyer are like a gateway into a person’s soul– okay, that might be a liiittle dramatic. But the state of your entryway really can influence how your guests perceive you! Are the kids’ muddy shoes and backpacks sprawled across the foyer? Maybe the lights are flickering on the porch? Your house doesn’t need to look un-lived-in, but paying attention to little details like this will improve your guest’s experience.

The Clutter

Don’t leave your personal belongings lying around for guests to observe. Do a walk-through of all of the rooms your guests will see or be in and remove any unnecessary items. You don’t want someone using your tax returns as a coaster!

The Restroom

Now, this might be the only room you want to look like you’ve never used. The guest bathroom should always be a comfortable place for your guests, so they don’t feel like they’re invading your space while doing their business. Restock the toilet paper with a new roll, light a candle or install an air freshener, and hang up freshly clean towels and a nice soap bottle.

The Smell

You likely don’t notice your home’s unique odor until you return from a vacation. Since you spend so much time there, your nose becomes acquainted with pet odors and mustiness. Use a lemon-rosemary mixture to make it feel crisp and clean. Simply boil a pot of water and add lemon slices and fresh rosemary in preparation for your guests.

The Windows and Mirrors

Check your windows and mirrors to make sure they aren’t littered with fingerprints and dust–especially if you have young children. There’s nothing better than looking at your beautiful reflection in a clean mirror.

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