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A New Buzz in Town: Kava Culture

Stress. It’s unavoidable and can be dangerous if ignored.

Stress is a part of living. It comes from our professions, from politics, from pandemics, from financial concerns, and from 108-degree temperatures.

There is no option but to deal with it.

Some people choose prayer, meditation, a trusted therapist, a darkened room with soothing music, a massage. Others, however, choose to work out stress-knotted minds and muscles in the company of others. That’s why cars pull into local pubs between work and home. It’s time for one or two cocktails among friends….or strangers. It’s referred to as “social drinking,” an opportunity to mellow out with conversation, laughter, and enough alcohol to dial up a stress-relieving buzz. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for stress.

Husband/wife team David and CJ Gibbs’ Kava Culture North Fort Worth in the Alliance suburb opens its doors to the public on August 11, with the grand opening set for August 26. It’s designed as a friendly, comfortable, relaxing, non-alcoholic stress relief haven for people who prefer a safe way to unwind.

And Kava Culture is?

“Kava Culture is a franchised company in Florida,” said David, a real estate agent. “The drink, kava, is made from the root of a plant in the pepper family. It’s been used for hundreds of years in social gatherings and as medicine in such islands as Fiji.

“The Polynesian people will sit and sip straight kava, but it’s not a taste the American palette is accustomed to. This is why we add different juices and syrups to the kava, making it a pleasing drink.”

Taste, however, is not the main draw for kava. Instead, its value rests in its ability to calm and to relax without affecting the central nervous system as alcohol does. It’s social drinking minus the alcohol. A kava bar becomes a safe haven for individuals who want to chill with no negative after-effects, including the threat of addiction.

People who have experienced kava say it eases anxiety significantly and even works against insomnia. Kava began carving a place for itself in the American culture approximately 25-years ago. Recently, though, it’s begun to blossom in earnest, becoming a popular “buzz without booze” option for people who dislike alcohol and its frequently accompanying messiness (think loud arguments and bar fights in
instances where alcohol knocks down all social barriers).

“Customers will be able to choose their feeling with any of our botanical drinks,” David said. “We will have kava, as well as other types of natural and organic options like our Kratom Elixir. Whether someone wants to feel calm and social, mood and joy, relax and move, energy and focus, elevate and unwind, euphoric and chill… we can accommodate! There is no added sugar in the tapped drinks. Any sweetness
comes from organic juices and agave or monk fruit, making it a healthy option for our community.”

Along with their botanical drinks, Kava Culture will offer coffee, espresso, and lattes for the early morning crowd seeking a place to sit down and work or fellowship.

“We want to be a staple in the community and help support it in return,” CJ said. “One of the things we intend to do is set up a rotating gallery within the bar for local artists.”

“Both David and I experienced Kava Culture for the first time last year,” CJ continued. “We fell in love with the drinks and the sense of community that one gets at the bar. The fact that we could bring our kids or dogs with us made us love it even more. It didn’t take long for us to decide we wanted a franchise. Our goal is to add three or four more over the next five years.

“We’ve distributed the canned version of the drink at several event venues, and the reception has been fantastic. Quite a few people are messaging us about the bar opening.”

David and CJ plan to co-manage the bar. Stop by and find out how it feels to have an “aha” moment and still be able to drive home safely and legally.

Kava Culture North Fort Worth
3525 Heritage Trace Pkwy #155
Fort Worth, TX 76244

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