Be a Connector

Being a person who connects the dots is valuable and powerful, because they make things happen. Being a connector is a way to bring unforeseen value to other people, as well as to yourself. It’s really natural for some, and others may need to put thinking power to this distinction. It is about influence. Every entrepreneur and leader needs the leverage and knowledge that others provide. No one can do it alone. 

Continually expand your network, because you will need the help of others to accelerate your achievement. Create your own “connection database” and build on it. The key to building a solid database is a primary mindset that involves being aware of others who may be able to work with you in the future in some capacity. 

The first step in identifying people to add to your database is to meet a lot of people and learn as much about them as possible. Even though this may be awkward for some, overcoming any hesitancy to meet and visit with strangers is a part of the mindset we suggest be developed. This involves really listening to what others have to say and asking a lot of questions; blindly collecting business cards does
not count.

Some of my best connections have happened unexpectedly, where I met someone who turned out to be
important to my success. Be open tomeeting people on vacations, in business, on the plane, or wherever you are. Then look for ways to create wins by connecting people with others who have the knowledge and expertise to help them get the results they want. Build and nurture your database of connections so that people are always happy to hear from you. If you like people, you can connect them. They win and
you win.

I have 25,000 people in my contact database, and I use these connections to help my clients connect and grow. It has taken me years to build my database, but it is one of the most valuable assets I have today. My staff has organized the contacts and indexed their talents, so I can use it to identify people who can help with specific issues. So just about any challenge anyone in my world has can be solved with the help of one or more people from my database who have the knowledge, experience, or connections they need to help them achieve the results they want. Of course, I benefit the same way by calling on people from my database when I need help. Do you have a system to create a database for your business cards and connections? What does that system look like? Get the contact, program it into your phone or database, and develop a system. Once you do, nurture your contacts. Leaders that are connectors nourish people and give them notes, cards, and other gifts of value. They don’t have to be large gifts, either. You can give them a book, an article, or a video, or even a suggested URL, or you can send them card.

Think of ways you can nurture your contacts and build your list! Look for ways to create wins by connecting people with others who have the knowledge and expertise to help them get the results they want. Connect others where it makes mutual sense for them, and you create automatic wins for yourself.

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