Best Advice I Have Received/Given as a Mom

We asked mothers in the community about the best advice they’ve received as mothers, and if they have any advice from their own experiences to offer. Here are their responses:

1. “Being a Mom is a work in progress. Make sure you pray for yourself and your children daily, equip yourself with tools on how to raise your children the best way you know how, find a support mom group, ask for help, and give yourself grace.” — Anita M.

2. “As a mom of three, I understand that my kid’s happiness heavily depends on my own happiness. By prioritizing my happiness, I prioritize theirs.” — Edwige N.

3. “Being a mom is a full-time job that deserves a break when needed. Do not feel guilty when you need to. You are doing a good job.” — Fanny N.

4. “Craft a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere for your children, where safety and love abound. Let your actions be the beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for them to follow. Be the embodiment of the values you wish to instill, painting a picture of strength, kindness, and resilience for them to emulate.” — Doreen A.

5. “Do not remember everything people say about you — only remember the words that uplift your spirit.” — Anonymous

6. “Stay in touch with your children
by engaging in open communication, actively listening to them, and taking note of their interests and engagements.”
— Linda, B

7. “Being a mother is wonderful, but feeling overwhelmed is a common experience. It’s important to remember to take breaks when necessary and make time for self-care on a weekly basis”. — Kenyé P.

8. “Trust your instincts. You’ve got mom-sense tingling in your fingertips. Trust it like you trust your ability to find hidden snacks in the pantry!” — Stephanie T.

9. “What I’ve discovered, learned, and put into practice is to prioritize understanding my children’s individuality and adapting my parenting approach accordingly. Also, I aim to nurture and guide my children to reach their full potential as the unique individuals they are. Lastly, I’ve come to recognize the importance of regularly checking in with myself to ensure my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.” — Doreen M.

10. “Even Supermom needs her Justice League — don’t hesitate to assemble your squad of fellow moms for backup and solidarity.” — Ana B.

Do you have any additional advice or stories about motherhood you’d like to share with us? If so, please feel free to email us at Your contributions will be featured on our social media pages in celebration of Mother’s Day. 

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