Changing Lives, One Soul at a Time

Turning pain into power and purpose is probably the best thing you can do for yourself! No one knows this better than Kenny Thomison from Euless, who left the streets with power and went back to the streets with purpose.

The 64-year-old changemaker has inspired many with the impact he’s created on people’s lives.

Kenny has a story to tell! In his early 40s, defeated and discouraged in life, he landed on the streets. Drugs and despair became the only things to live by! After six years of unsheltered life, Thomison suffered from Septicemia. Doctors gave up, but destiny had a plan in store for him! He survived. He trusted the major turning point in his life. In his words, it was ‘divine intervention.’ Thomison got back to life, and this time he had a purpose, to help others believe in themselves.

“17 years ago, I didn’t give up. Life has never been the same. Christ Jesus saved me,” he recalls.

Thomison is creating an impact on lives through a nonprofit. He is the President of Building Bridges Life Restoration Center, a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit serving the homeless population in Tarrant county. Founded in June 2021 following the teachings of Christianity, the organization is committed to bringing positive changes in the communities by addressing the issues affecting the homeless and providing resources to help Individuals and families re-enter society.

Over the past 20 months, Building Bridges has conducted many activities and programs toward its mission. The mission includes feeding, clothing, disciplining, and mentoring the homeless as they work towards re-entering society. The organization sustains and trains unsheltered people emotionally and spiritually. The mission is to change lives, one soul at a time.

“Watching lives change before our eyes motivates us. One individual (Eddie) who was sleeping on the streets for ten years now has a job,” Thomison shared. “We had an RV donated that we renovated some time ago; Eddie was the first graduate from our program. He now has a full-time job, transportation, and a place to live for the first time in 10 years.”

There’s always something or the other going on at Building Bridges every day. “Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we attend networking events at the Chamber of Commerce until noon,” he mentioned. “By then, we are receiving calls from clients needing guidance, counsel, or a friendly voice. We then check on the people we have not heard from lately.”

Staff members and volunteers often visit hospitals, jails, and shelters to help people. “On Wednesdays, we go to E. Lancaster to pick up our disciples for dinner and Church. At about 8 pm, we drop them back off at the shelter,” he shared.

On Sundays, the volunteers pick up the disciples from the shelter for Bible study and morning worship. Every first and second Sunday evening, they have services at The Salvation Army, and on the fourth Sunday, they feed a meal at The Art of Living.

Thomison also shared that Building Bridges is moving towards opening a Discipleship home in the near future. The house will provide disciples spiritual guidance as well as job training, job placement, transportation, and eventually housing. “We are currently working on a curriculum for computer literacy, life skills, and re-entry classes,” he said. While funding remains challenging for the organization, Thomison believes it will continue receiving community support. The nonprofit totally depends on private contributions for all its expenses. Annual Golf Tournament is one of the primary fundraisers. The one-day event includes an award ceremony, dinner, and other activities. All proceeds go directly into the unsheltered community in Tarrant county.

“This year’s golf tournament is in October, and we are hoping for a huge turnout. is our website address, or you can find us on Facebook with the name Building Bridges LRC to learn more,” Kenny shared.

The organization’s name, Building Bridges, is well thought out. “While we restore a path back into society for those experiencing homelessness, we also build bridges from the community to the homeless. We do this through education and exposure,” Thomison stated. “Many have a harsh view of homelessness, and that’s primarily because we are scared of it. These are someone’s son or daughters, moms, and dads. Some are extremely well-educated, and many are very talented. These are people who have just lost hope. That’s what we provide. We follow the example of Jesus, who “for the joy set before him, endured death, even the cross” Heb 12:2.”

Thomison has a message for all: “When you see a homeless, be open up for love and compassion. We all make bad decisions in life, but there’s always a possibility for a second chance.”

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