Class 101 Alliance Offers a Comprehensive One-Stop Shop for High School Students and Families Needing Assistance Planning for College

Some businesses offer college test preparation, tutoring, resumes, and/or essays, while others connect students to colleges and financial resources. But Mark and Melissa Overcash believe Class 101 Alliance College Planning is the only one that puts all those services together with the tools and resources they have available.

After opening their initial location in North Richland Hills two years ago, the couple expanded into the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw and Northwest Independent School districts last November. By early next year, they plan to be in Grapevine serving Flower Mound, Trophy Club, and Lewisville.

“Our aim is to simplify planning and make college more affordable,” Mark said.

Melissa’s research and a business consultant’s advice influenced their venturing into Class 101 — a decision that underscores their passion for guiding children through their educational journey. Melissa’s drive stems from a deep commitment to education, reflected in their five grandchildren and six children. The rapidly changing world and its impact on the younger generation drove them to embark on this path.

“I recognized a distinct need, considering the profound transformations in the college admission landscape — spanning admissions procedures, testing intricacies, and the multifaceted world of essays. Notably, both students and parents seemed to grapple with a certain bewilderment post-Covid,” Melissa said.

“Amidst this disconnection and universal struggle, an incredible opportunity emerged. I felt compelled to step in as a mentor, offering guidance not only on the college journey itself but also in unraveling the enigma of what lies ahead. Our mission goes beyond simply aiding students in college admission. It revolves around crafting a comprehensive and well-informed plan for their future.”

Mark is a retired United States Army and Navy veteran who also worked for the City of Hurst for 31 years. Melissa had worked with a home care agency in Fort Worth for 23 years and in 2019 purchased the agency. Mark joined her in 2021, and together they operated the home care business until they sold it in June 2023. Now they continue their partnership in all their Class 101 locations.

“We love getting to watch these young adults as we empower, serve, and inspire them to choose their major, choose their college, and take that first step into life,” Mark said.

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