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Extra Touches Make ClearWater Plumbers Stand Out from the Rest

Lots of businesses talk about how their customer service makes them better than their competition, but one that clearly does so is Fort Worth-based ClearWater Plumbers.

Combining Amy Longspaugh’s background providing that personal touch in the fine dining and restaurant industry with husband Jeff’s technical skills as a master plumber, the company has succeeded for more than two decades.

“It’s really about putting the customer first, providing that white glove kind of service,” Amy said. “We always try to stand out with clean trucks, clean uniforms, and the presentation.”

“We pride ourselves on our personal touches. We send out gift cards to every customer after we finish service with them. We also do hand-delivered gifts with all of our bigger projects. It’s just about bringing people in and letting them know we want to provide them service.”

ClearWater also sends annual hand-written Christmas cards to its small business, large commercial, and residential customers. The idea is to treat them like they’ve been talked to 100 times to turn them into clients who stay with the company for many years. Doing so results in more than 60% of business being return customers, with direct word of mouth accounting for another 10%.

“Just keeping our customers in our pocket and reminding them we’re always here for them has continued to grow where they call us first,” Amy said.

Jeff’s plumbing roots go back to when his father Jerry and brother Greg had a plumbing company under the same name. After the older family members passed on, Jeff married Amy, and together, they have grown ClearWater to nearly 40 employees and counting.

“Bringing us together created a culture here where our staff supports each other,” Amy said. “We align our management team a little different, creating more of a leadership team including someone from each department. We’re trying to change what the industry says we’re supposed to do.

“We like to hire great apprentices that we can train, who end up growing with the company and getting all their licenses with the company. As they get their licenses and their own trucks, they grow up through our model.”

ClearWater also prides itself on NOT trying to upsell products and services but rather educating clients with multiple options to address their issues. That certainly has contributed to being selected Best of Fort Worth in both 2020 and 2022.

“It’s more about knowledge and how you present it,” she said. “We have weekly meetings where we provide technical training and profiling to know the differences between each customer.”

The Longspaughs are big on connecting with their employees on both a personal and professional level, helping them both on and off the job. They also have three teenage daughters who have personally grown up with their parents’ business.

“We also say we’re not the cheapest out there, but we’re not the most expensive,” Amy said. “We guarantee that the man or woman who comes to your home is a professional and licensed in the state of Texas.”

Besides standard plumbing services found at most companies, ClearWater specializes in remediating cast iron pipes which are very common in older homes and businesses. Its Texas State Board-licensed plumbers apply epoxy liners to the inside of damaged piping to create a new pipe that will extend its useful life.

“The earlier we can get in there and remediate things, the longer they can hold onto them,” Amy said. “If we can see situations before they bottom out, we can put the liners in and basically create a new pipe that if properly taken care of can last 10-30 years.”

Finally, ClearWater is an expert at building water filtration systems, especially for homes with wells and/or hard water. Properly treating your water is essential to keep your water free of the minerals and chemicals that cause so many issues. The plumbers at ClearWater train annually on how to keep your water clean and safe!

Now that Interstate 35W’s construction is nearly complete, ClearWater is looking to expand into areas like Alliance. To learn about all their services, visit clearwaterplumber.com.

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