Game Time!

From the tailgate, to to the final whistle, and everything in between. Put your game plan together for Football’s Favorite Sunday.

1. Rep The Teams: Get your guests pumped for the big game with fan gear for each team. Party supply stores carry beaded necklaces, balloons, tutus, pom-poms, temporary tattoos, face paint, feather boas, wigs, and even life-size cut-outs of the players! Don’t be afraid to go all out and have fun!

2. Photo Booth : Carry on the costume fun with a photo station! There are tons of rental companies in DFW. You can even make a DIY setup with a ring light and an iPad. Add a football-themed backdrop, and you’re bound to be nominated MVP by your guests!

3. Gameday Eats : Let’s be honest, the endless appetizers and finger food are what really steal the show. A classic arrangement of pigs-in-a-blanket, nachos, chili dogs, mac and cheese, wings, sliders, pizza, chips and salsa, and baked potatoes with all the fixings will surely keep everyone energized throughout the game.

4. Bring on the Drinks: What’s an American sport without an American beverage? Grab a case (or two) of beers from the teams’ home cities, or make two cocktail options for each team based on their jersey colors. And for a non-alcoholic drink, Coca-Cola, of course!

5. DesSert-Game Strong: Decorate a cake to resemble a football field! Bake a chocolate sheet cake. While you’re waiting, crush up some Oreos to sprinkle on top when the cake has finished baking. Wait for it to cool, then fill a pastry bag with green frosting, using a grass tip to replicate a turf field. Next, draw out the end lines and mark them with the appropriate numbers. Lastly, add any other football-themed decorations you want to it: mini field goals, footballs, football player figurines, and sprinkles for confetti!

6. Football Squares

Squares is a popular betting game that uses a grid scoring system that randomly assigns each corresponding columns and rows a numerical value of 1-9. It’s fun to keep everyone engaged and excited throughout the entire game!

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