Handing Your Homes

Even before graduating from Haltom High School, Scott Hill was interested in outdoor home projects. 

“I took an irrigation class when I was 17,” he said. “Once I took that class, everywhere I went I started as a foreman. It grew from there.”

After working for various contractors and distributors, he decided to go on his own two decades ago. Originally called Creekside Landscape, he renamed it N-Tex Landscape Co., LLC, in 2008 after separating from a previous partner. He’s been serving customers throughout the Metroplex and beyond ever since. 

“I was one of the first certified water auditors in the area,” he said. “And because I was in distribution, I have been factory trained by pretty much every manufacturer you can name in both irrigation and landscape lighting.”

N-Tex specializes in creating and executing plans primarily for new and remodeled homes. He and his installers and subcontractors work on smart irrigation systems, lighting, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, cabanas, swimming pools, and of course, plants and sod. 

“We can even act as a general contractor and run the entire project,” Hill said. “I have a network of quality subcontractors we work with. If there’s something we can’t do in-house, we can still get it done. The majority of what we do – 90% or more – is done in-house.”

Thanks to partnering with multiple custom builders and various other companies, N-Tex thrives on repeat customers. Plus, Scott operates N-Tex differently than others. 

“When we do a custom job for someone, they feel comfortable with us,” he said. “I do not require you to pay half up front. When we’re finished, I’m going to hand you an invoice and collect a check.

“All of our employees are true employees, and we carry both workman’s comp insurance as well as general liability. Any of our quality subcontractors do the same. All of which make our customers feel comfortable. Our only regret would be wait times. We stay extremely busy.” 

What else does Hill believe separates N-Tex from other landscaping companies?

“Quality and attention to detail,” he said. “We try to go above and beyond. We’ve never been the cheapest guy in town, nor will we ever be. But the quality of the products, the quality of the plants, the quality of the work we perform, and the attention to detail is second to none.”


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