How to Prep for Spring Break

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Spring Break”? Is it warm weather, relaxing, and family fun? Or what about long lines, airport meltdowns, and large crowds? Yeah, that sounds more like it! No matter your age, destination, or group size, these are the best tips everyone should consider when going on a Spring Break trip.

Do Your Research

There are many factors to consider when booking a place to stay, activities, and restaurants – especially during Spring Break. If you’re visiting somewhere new for Spring Break, research the area. Whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains, there is bound to be a rowdy crew of Spring Breakers nearby. So, if you’re counting on a family-friendly or relaxing getaway, you should read reviews and call multiple establishments to have a better gauge of the different age groups in certain areas.

Let Each Family Member Plan an Activity

Long lines, airports, and car rides are always the most exhausting part of traveling. And young children (and sometimes dads), in particular, are more likely to get impatient and irritable during this part of the trip. When you start noticing the signs of an impending tantrum, redirect their thoughts by reminding them of the fun activity they picked out and how excited you are about it! And remember, children are known to mirror the actions of adults, so if you’re feeling stressed, they will be too.

Discuss Safety Rules With Your Children

As we mentioned, popular Spring Break destinations get extremely crowded. Brush up on safety precautions with your kids in the event that something happens (i.e., a child gets separated from the group or a teenager finds themselves in an unsafe situation). Provide your child with a means to contact you and a method to tell you what happened without drawing too much attention. At the same time, assure them that contacting you is always the right decision if they feel unsafe and that they will not get in trouble for doing the right thing.

Bring Extra Cash and an Additional Form of ID

Crowded spaces are the perfect place to lose something or have your valuables stolen. To avoid going into a panic if this happens, bring extra cash and an additional form of ID on your trip and store it in a safe place in your hotel room.

Pack Accordingly

Springtime can be a little bipolar. One day there’s a monsoon, and the next, there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Because of this, always pack appropriately to avoid being caught in the rain without a jacket or roasting in the sun without a coverup. Don’t bank on the weather changing last minute!

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