Increasing Home Values (One Garage Door at a Time)

Drive through any North Texas neighborhood this summer, and you’re bound to see one property after another where families have focused much attention on upgrading their home’s curb appeal. At one house, it’s a brand-new flower bed with stone landscaping and lots of colors. At the next, it could be window shutters, a fresh coat of paint for the front door, or a fancy mailbox makeover.

Division Leader Brandon Burchfield and the team at Family Christian Doors have seen it all. But lately, many homeowners are going beyond those typical upgrades by adding new garage doors to their list of home makeover to-dos. 

“Many people are starting to realize that their garage door makes up about 40% of the outside of their home,” Burchfield said. “So if you want to make a massive change to the aesthetic look of your home, the garage door is absolutely the best place to start.”

Family Christian Doors has spent the past 20 years performing thousands of garage door jobs throughout the Metroplex and beyond with a level of excellence and quality workmanship that simply can’t be matched. This includes residential garage doors, operator repairs, maintenance, custom installations, gate operating systems, and large-scale commercial projects. 

The numbers in favor of new garage doors don’t lie. According to Remodeling’s National Cost versus Value Report for 2023, replacing a garage door increases a home’s value and gives homeowners a 102.7% return on their investment. That percentage exceeds replacing siding, windows, and even springing for a new roof!

The only exterior home upgrade that offers a better ROI than a new garage door is replacing the HVAC system (103.5%). And it won’t break the bank, either. One can optimize their insulation value with a new door for just around $1,800. Or, if you want to transform the design with a newer Elegant Ultra Grain wood-look door, you can do that for around $3,000, Burchfield said.  

“It definitely increases the home’s value and changes the entire exterior feel, especially if you put in an insulated door coupled with a nice aesthetic look,” Burchfield said. “You could go with a wood look or a full glass-style garage door. You could add decorative hardware to spice up the door’s character. There’s an incredibly vast spectrum of options that go beyond the builder-grade look.” 

He added, “You can have a million-dollar look without costing that much.
And with proper maintenance, that new door can last an average of 25 years.”

Family Christian Doors would never steer its customers wrong. They want their customers to feel like they aren’t just calling a business but rather a family of professionals they can count on, to be honest, and reliable. A huge piece of that reliability hinges on the company’s longevity. What started as one person and a
truck has grown to 50 dedicated and selfless team members over 20 years. 

No job is too small or too large. Simple to exquisite, they can do it all. 

“In 2003, The Lord was calling me to go out on my own, and the name Family
Christian Doors is a reflection of who we are and what we are about,” Owner
Brandon Bailey said in a previous interview with our magazine. “It didn’t need to be money-driven. It was about impacting people and building relationships, even if the
job was a quick in-and-out thing to replace an opener. People pay for service. 

However, it’s how that service is carried out that’s important. It wasn’t easy. I had thought about quitting several times and asked God if I was truly meant to do this and if we were going anywhere. I continued to hear His voice and be encouraged, and here we are all these years later. I’m thankful for our team and the lives we are impacting.”

Burchfield doubled down on that sentiment, adding that Family Christian Doors’ commitment to its customers and staff is unwavering.

“That is our number one focus — it has always been about the customer, and that’s
what we teach our technicians and staff,” he said. “We are here to listen, serve, and
make a difference — one garage door at a time.”

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