Low Key Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The Lovers is the sixth Major Archana card in traditional Tarot decks. It represents the sacrifices and commitment of relationships and choices of the heart. If you and your S.O. want a low-key Valentine’s Day this year, here are some at-home activities you can do to celebrate your love!

Get Artsy: Take an online painting class together from PaintingToGough.com! They deliver all the supplies you need to create your masterpiece and provide step-by-step video instruction from artists across the globe. You’ll be left with a tangible memory you can display in your home and a fun, new experience!

Movie Marathon: Curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, some chocolate, and a bottle of wine for a movie marathon. If you have different movie tastes, make a list beforehand with your favorite movie, their favorite movie, and a movie you both like equally. You can even pick movies of significance to your relationship, like the first movie you saw together.

Order-In Your Favorite Meal: Eat your favorite meals in the comfort of your own home by getting them delivered to your front door with a food delivery service! Staying in leaves more time to enjoy the rest of your night.

Revel in Memories: Going through your camera roll or wedding album is a great way to discuss memories with your significant other. It may feel bittersweet, but it is a cute way to show your appreciation for how far you’ve come together.

Bake A Romantic Dessert: The first Tiramisu recipe dates back to Italy in the 1800s. It was popular in brothels for its sweetness and alcohol-soaked cake, which is why Tiramisu has been considered an aphrodisiac ever since.

Spa Night: Gather the spa essentials like face masks, massage oil, bath bombs, candles, exfoliator, an essential oil diffuser, and whatever else you associate with relaxing. Apply your partner’s face mask, give them a massage, and take a bubble bath

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