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Next-Level Service for All Your Heating and Cooling Needs

By Steve Gamel

It’s a typical weekday afternoon, and Reggie Johnson and Jose Mena Jr. are finally sitting down for lunch. One would think two hard-working HVAC guys would prefer to chat about anything except work on their break, especially since they’ve been running from one North Fort Worth home to the next to ensure their customers stay cool heading into another hot summer. 

But when you genuinely love what you do for a living, you don’t mind when the conversations occasionally flip back to work stuff.

“Before Jose and I even thought about starting our own business and were working for other people, I loved the feeling I got from seeing how happy my customers were when I got their AC working right,” Reggie said. “I always felt like the hero.”

Jose agreed, “I was born into this because of my dad, and I take pride in it like he does. He said to work hard and do the right thing.”

That passion and their shared goal of providing next-level service for Tarrant County homeowners are at the heart of Reggie and Jose’s wildly popular HVAC company, Titan Air Solutions. And because of that, they’ve quickly set a new standard for what comfort looks like. Since 2019, Titan Air Solutions has offered comprehensive HVAC services ranging from standard heating and cooling services to repairs for all major brands, preventative maintenance plans, indoor air quality, duct work, and more. 

Finding a reputable HVAC company close to home is a breath of fresh air in this day and age, especially as the calendar flips to June and July and outside temperatures begin to soar. The Titan Air Solutions team — led by Reggie, Jose, Jose Mena Sr., and Jose’s nephew, Max — has 30 years of combined experience, meaning they have seen and resolved any HVAC problem imaginable. 

And once they thoroughly assess your system, they present you with a fair, transparent quote followed by quality work built on honesty, innovation, punctuality, unrivaled industry knowledge, and good old-fashioned hard work.

“We are built on quality customer service, but we know many people say the same thing. So I always like to add that we are very thorough with our inspections and do our best to educate the customer on what we see and how we plan to fix their issue,” Jose said. “Many times, a technician will fix what’s wrong at the moment but won’t take the time to get to the root of the problem.”

Not only is Titan Air Solutions locally owned and operated, but it’s unique in that it’s run by a family. Reggie and Jose aren’t blood brothers, but they’ve been practically inseparable for most of their lives. They grew up playing football together at Birdville High School, and both went down the same HVAC path. As early as 2018, they began kicking around the idea of going into business together.

“We were both working a lot at the time, but once things settled down, we created a name, found someone to do our logo, and eventually got two brand-new vans,” Reggie said with a laugh. “By December of that year, we had two vans and a new business — no customers yet … but we were ready to go. We finally went full-time with it in 2019, and it’s been the best decision we could have made.”

Beyond being committed to their client’s needs, Reggie and Jose are even more committed to building Titan Air Solutions into a legacy their families can be proud of. Reggie and his wife, Mariah, have two baby girls, while Jose and Nansi have a boy and a girl.

“That’s my ‘Why,’ for sure — to take care of my family for years down the road,” Reggie said.

Jose added, “Nothing great is achieved on your own. I remember that my wife was pregnant; we had just bought a new home, and that was the same month Reggie and I purchased our vans. I had no choice but to make this work. And so far, that’s what we’ve done.”

To learn more about Titan Air Solutions, visit titanairdfw.com.

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