Road to Better Salary

For the length of its existence, America has perceived higher education as the road to financial freedom. Attending college after high school or military service became the blatant next step for someone to prove to the world that they are worthy of a life without hardship. And those who believed college wasn’t the right choice for them were often met with ridicule, being told they would never reach their full potential without at least a 4-year degree.

North Central Texas College has decided to challenge the misconception that well-paying jobs can only be obtained with a college degree and is proud to launch its career training programs at the newly-constructed North Central Alliance Training Center.

Whether it is due to affordability, time, opportunity, or interest, there are many valid reasons for choosing not to attend college. The North Central Alliance Training Center was created for people who want to achieve a form of higher education but not in the form of a college degree.

Alliance Training Center’s programs fall into two main categories: Allied Health and Mechatronics. Students can pursue specialized careers such as Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Office Technology, Petroleum Engineering, and Electrical Skills. Depending on the program, students can complete their training in as little as 4-weeks! There are even externships for those who desire hands-on training outside of the classroom.

North Central Texas Colleges offers one of the most affordable career training programs in the North Dallas area, as they realize cost plays a huge factor in enrollment. The cost of medical training programs ranges from $900 to $1,900. Mechatronics training is billed based on the number of hours a student takes, which are as little as $100 per hour. Considering that a 4-year college degree costs $36,000 per year, these prices are a bargain! If the cost concerns you or your family, eligible students can receive a grant of up to $2,500 to cover program costs.

Alliance Training Center is dedicated to debunking the concept that higher learning is only a privilege for people who can spare their time and money, and are leading a revolution that supports anyone who desires to enhance their skills, knowledge, and careers. Visit their website for more information regarding courses, tuition, and financial aid!

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