Support High Energy Culture

As high achievers in leadership roles, we sometimes sense that things could and should be done faster, but our organizational culture oper­ates with reduced expectations and accepts less-than-superior results. The culture in this case would be defined as “low energy,” when, in fact, it is “high energy” that gets things done, and gets them done well.

A High-Energy Culture has some unique characteristics.

  • Clarity: The creation of a High-Energy Culture begins with driv­ing the clarity of purpose down through the organization so that every member understands the vision, direction, and goals.
  • Focus: All members of the cul­ture know what is expected of them but also understand their roles in the organizational vision. They understand and focus on the organization’s High Leverage Activities (HLAs) that will lead to the desired results, as well as their own HLAs that will help them eliminate distractions and stay on course.
  • Action-oriented: A High-Energy Culture does not procrastinate; it sheds bureaucracy and is focused on getting things done.
  • Solutions-driven: A High-Energy Culture is solutions-driven rather than problems-focused.
  • Opportunity: A High-Energy Culture continually seeks and recog­nizes new opportunities that will help it win.
  • Winning: A High-Energy Culture is focused on winning, and it is the habit of winning that continues to fuel the high-energy level of the enterprise.

Does your team have these traits? It’s not always easy to change a culture; in fact, voluntary change is the only way to effect real change and achieve the results you’re looking for. For people and organizations to voluntarily change what they believe and transition their new beliefs into effective action and strategy that produces superior results, they must go through a two-step process:

  1. Identify the Blind Spots in their own belief windows – things they thought were true and are either untrue or outdated.
  2. Change their thinking to change their results.

The distinction of changing your thinking to change your results is a powerful game-changer and a core belief that you must embrace if you want to change your culture from low energy to high energy. Your actions are determined by your thoughts; so if your actions are bringing about poor results, what needs to change? Your thinking! When you examine your thinking to come up with a better way to do something or fix something that’s not working, you begin to see – and therefore do – things differently and you start to get uncommon, accelerated results that you couldn’t even imagine before your thinking shifted.

The energy level of the culture around you is a direct result of the core beliefs shared by ev­eryone involved. These core beliefs have a huge impact on what level of achieve­ment will become reality. An average energy level may be able to produce good, satisfactory results. An above-average en­ergy level may produce above-average to superior results. Seek to create a High-Energy Culture to produce masterful results, faster.

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