Ten Hot Valentine’s Gifts

For Her

A Box of Roses: This isn’t just any box of flowers. These are Venus Et Fleur roses. Venus Et Fleur is known for its signature flower arrangements that are guaranteed to last an entire year. You can even make a custom arrangement! Remind your person of how much you love them all year long.

SKIMS: If Kim Kardashian knows one thing, it’s how to make anything look flattering. Her lounge & shapewear brand is not only made for bodies of all shapes and sizes but is also highly affordable. Give the gift of confidence this Valentine’s Day with SKIMS.

Personalized Jewelry: Adina Eden’s 14K gold and diamond collection of fine jewelry is the perfect place if you’re looking for quality and style on a budget. Some of their designs are customizable, meaning you can put the date of your anniversary, a nickname, or a simple “I love you”.

$200 Sephora Gift Card: If your S.O. loves makeup, tell them it’s on you next time. It screams, “I recognize your passion, but I’m not the expert”. Bonus points if you offer to go shopping with them! You’ll thank me later.

Golden Goose Sneakers: Casual-cute is a trend that’s here to stay. Golden Goose Sneakers might appear pre-worn. But they are made to look that way. Always made with genuine leather (and some pizzaz) these shoes are made to last.

For Him

Tickets to Their Favorite Team: Surprise your S.O. with a future date-night to watch their favorite sports team play a game! We are fortunate to have so many great teams, like the Mavericks, Stars, and Cowboys, here in DFW. And who knows, you might just get on the Kiss Cam!

A Cashmere Sweater: Because everyone needs a nice sweater. Plus, you get to pick it out, so you’re basically killing two birds with one stone!

UGG moccasins: Don’t even think about buying another pair of slippers that fall apart every year. This time, trade in those old, raggedy slippers for some UGG moccasins. Perfect for running in errands or dropping off the kids at school – they’re so cute, you won’t even be mad about tracking dirt around they house.

Sporting Goods Gift Card: Sporting goods stores are almost every man’s safe haven because they’re easy to shop at and have all the basics. It has everything they could ever need, all in one place – unless you’re stuck at home, of course!

Dollar Shave Club Subscription: What’s a better gift than smooth skin? Dollar Shave Club delivers 6 blade razors, shaving cream, aftershave, exfoliators and more right to your doorstep! Hassle-free, high-quality shaves, every single time.

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