The Sound of Kava Culture: Cha-Ching!

Most people agree that cash register receipts provide a rock-hard assessment of a business’s financial health.

Kava Culture, owned by David and CJ Gibbs and located in Fort Worth’s Alliance suburb, opened officially August 11 with a Grand Opening August 26. The word is, it’s passing its receipts test with flying colors and rivers of black ink.

Kava Culture is a franchised company from  Florida that highlights a Polynesian-styled drink called kava. Made from the root of a plant in the pepper family, kava’s intrinsic value is in its ability to calm and relax the person holding the glass without affecting the central nervous system the way alcohol does. In other words, it’s social drinking without alcohol.

“We had more than 200 people at the opening,” David said. “Some of them actually told me they wanted to relax and unwind with other people, but they didn’t want alcohol involved. A first-time-user couple came in on a Sunday, sampled almost everything we offered, walked out (upright!), and drove home 100 percent safely. Their moods were enhanced with no negative side effects.”

Perhaps best of all is the flexibility of the botanical drinks to suit an individual’s at-the-moment needs – calm and social, relax and move, energy and focus, elevate and unwind, euphoric and chill, joy.

It’s really quite beautiful. Legal. Non-alcoholic. Non-addictive. No negative side effects. Must be 18.

The Gibbs entered this venture excited and convinced it would work. Those cash register receipts prove the financial worth of their decision.


Open seven days, 8 am to midnight. No food served.

Kava Culture North Fort Worth

3525 Heritage Trace Pkwy/#155

Fort Worth, TX 76244

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