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United to Beat Malaria

A moment with United to Beat Malaria, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation.

United to Beat Malaria (UTBM), formerly known as Nothing But Nets, has been a driving force in the global fight against malaria since its founding in 2006. Inspired by the staggering toll of this preventable disease, UTBM brings together partners, influencers, and supporters worldwide to take urgent action to end malaria.

Over the past 15 years, UTBM has made significant strides in protecting vulnerable populations from malaria, distributing bed nets and other life-saving tools to over 40 million people in more than 60 countries. Through advocacy efforts, UTBM has successfully garnered increased U.S. leadership and funding for global malaria programs, supporting frontline health workers and communities with limited access to healthcare.

What sets UTBM apart is its collaborative approach — coordinating closely with UN agencies, Congress, private sector partners, and civil society organizations to channel resources to the communities most affected by malaria. The organization’s strength lies in its diverse network of partners, including celebrity ambassadors, grassroots leaders, sports leagues, faith-based organizations, corporations, and foundations.

The impact of UTBM’s work is profound, with over 715,000 people protected from malaria in 2023 alone. Beyond providing life-saving interventions, UTBM advocates year-round for strong U.S. leadership in the fight against malaria, engaging champions from across the country to reinforce the importance of funded
malaria programming.

UTBM’s values are rooted in a commitment to equity, justice, and collaboration. Recognized annually on World Malaria Day, the organization celebrates the successes achieved by the global community while advocating for continued investment and political will to end malaria for future generations. Through initiatives like the Move Against Malaria 5k, UTBM mobilizes supporters worldwide to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving malaria tools and programs.

Malaria remains a significant threat to vulnerable populations, disproportionately affecting children under five and pregnant women. Despite progress, the disease continues to claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year. UTBM’s work highlights the importance of sustained investment, political will, and cross-sector collaboration in the fight against malaria. With continued support and commitment, a malaria-free world is within reach.

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